What to Expect

What to Expect

As beings created by God one of our principal missions in life is to offer praise and adoration to God. Utilizing all our gifts in ministry we offer communal worship to God on a weekly basis.

As a congregation in the Episcopal Church, we worship according to the Book of Common Prayer. Our regular Sunday services are called “Holy Eucharist” (from the Greek word which means “thanksgiving”) and are communion services.

The 7:45 AM service is a simple and contemplative eucharist.  This liturgy is designed for those who prefer a short service with no music and goes for about forty-five minutes.  

Our 9:00 AM service is celebrated in a more free-form style using praise music from The St. Mary’s Worship Team.  This communion service uses the order Book of Common Prayer as a basis to work with more contemporary service texts and music.  The service typically lasts no more than an hour.

The 10:30 AM service is firmly rooted in the traditions of formal Episcopal worship and the Book of Common Prayer as well as other authorized texts.  Music at this service includes traditional hymns, plainchant, and choral music sung by the Parish Choir of St. Mary’s. This service usually lasts for an hour and fifteen minutes.  

From September through early June, Christian Education for children is offered during the first half of worship at 10:00 am.

A time for casual conversation and refreshments (“fellowship”) follows both services in the parish hall. Christian education for teens occurs during this time as well.

Movement As Well As Words

Our bodies are made by God. Movement can be a way of giving ourselves back to God. At St. Mary’s people cross themselves, bow, stand, sit, and kneel at different times. Everyone is encouraged to try different movements and see if the experience of God is made greater. Movement, though, is not required. Many find worship perfectly fulfilling without much movement.

Everyone Is Invited

Jesus ate with anyone and everyone. By doing so he practiced the unconditional hospitality of God. At St. Mary’s everyone is invited to receive the bread and wine of Holy Communion. We believe God’s love extends to everyone and not just members of a particular tradition.

Kids Are Important

Jesus welcomed children and encouraged us to be like children in order to live in the world as God intends. Children are encouraged to participate in worship every Sunday and are invited to receive communion. When we welcome children we welcome the Christ Child as well.