The Music Ministry at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church exists to glorify God and to help his people give voice to their praise.  The first and most important musical group in this parish is the assembly of people who gather in the pews each time we met to worship.  They praise the Lord with their hymns, Alleluias, and Amens.  They are the principal choir of this parish.

The Parish Choir of St. Mary’s

This choir meets on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM and sings at the 10:30 AM Eucharist throughout the year.  The group is a traditional robed choir whose repertoire spans centuries from Plainsong to contemporary classical styles.  In addition to its normal ministry of Sunday Eucharists, the choir is also the principal choral group for St. Mary’s annual All Souls Requiem, the Service of Advent Lessons and Carols, the Service of Christmas Lessons and Carols, Midnight Mass, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, and any other major events in the life of the parish.  Membership is open to all with an interest in singing and the ability to commit to rehearsals.

The Section Leaders

St. Mary’s has always supported excellence in its music ministry and in the musical world in general.  To that end, we employ Section Leaders to assist in the ministry of the Parish Choir of St. Mary’s and to support the work and development of young musicians in their working life.  Each section of the choir typically has one paid section leader throughout the season while additional musicians are hired for larger events.  These musicians are either college music students from nearby universities or community members such as working musicians or music teachers.  In addition to their duties in the choir, they function as cantors during the choir’s summer holidays or as soloists at larger services.

The Worship Team

The Worship Team offers music at the 9:00 Eucharist.  This group is made up of both vocalists and instrumentalists (guitar, drums, bass) and is a dedicated to offering Christian music in the style of Contemporary Christian Musicians as well as music that is familiar to those who have taken part in the Cursillo Movement and church camps.  It participates in the musical leadership of its assigned service throughout the year including the Summer months.  In addition to the volunteer members of this group, we also employ a lead guitar player and drummer who have as their ministry the task of mentoring the volunteer members of the rhythm section.  Membership in The Worship Team is open to anyone interested in participating in this kind of group and who is able to commit to rehearsals.