Learning for Kids

Learning for Kids

Christian education is central to the spiritual life of every person. In it, we become mindful of the nurturing love of God. It shapes not only our identity and morals but also influences our vision of the world and our place in it. It challenges our beliefs and prejudices. As we grow, we see God in new and complex ways, and in so doing our spiritual life deepens.

Nursery | Infants and Younger Preschool

Nursery Care is available for the 9 am and 10:30 am services and is staffed with qualified and well trained care providers. Their ministry is to provide a safe, friendly, and welcoming place for infants through preschool. The nursery is being renovated and is currently held in the school wing.  Go past the restrooms in the hallway on the left, through the double doors and it is the first classroom on the left.

Sunday School

Sunday School is designed for children from Kindergarten – 5th grade. Sunday School is available during the 9 am and 10:30 am services. Kids who attend Sunday School will join their families at the midpoint of the service so that families can receive communion together.  Our lessons tend to follow the lectionary and are a version of the lesson adults are hearing in church that Sunday. We explore the lesson through activities such as art, cooking, or games. We believe that Sunday School should be engaging and fun.

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