Staff and Vestry

Clergy & Staff

Marian 2019 300x300 circle

The Rev. Marian Stinson

Fred McIlroy 300x300_circle

Fred McIlroy

Director of Music
Mike Qunell 300x300_circle

Mike Qunell

Jessie McKenzie_300x300_circle

The Rev Jessie McKenzie

Beth Bowen 300x300_circle

Beth Bowen

Christian Ed Director
Dwayne Grimes 300x300_circle

Duane Grimes

michael beaton Oakley 300x300 circle

Michael Beaton Oakley

Postulant for Holy Orders
PKL 300x300 circle

Pat Le Roy

Parish Administrator
Paul Rietmann 300x300 circle

Rev. Paul Rietmann

Associate-Contemplative Ministry
Bill Hardwick 300x300 circle

Rev. Dr. Bill Hardwick

Associate-Adult Education
D Langlow 300x300 circle

Debbie Langlow

rita 300x300 circle

Rita Haynes

Nursery Attendant
Hannah wells nursery300x300 circle

Hannah Wells

Nursery Attendant


Linda Collins 300x300 circle

Linda Collins

Sr. Warden
Doris Steeg 300x300 circle

Doris Steeg

Jr. Warden
Bocchi Paul (2) 300x300 circle

Paul Bocchi

Mary Jean Fischer - Clerk 300x300 circle

Mary Jean Fischer


Page Howard

Kristin Paynter 300x300 circle

Kristin Paynter

Steve Schneider 300x300 circle

Steve Schneider

Patric Hayes 300x300 circle

Patric Hayes

Ginny Rawlings 300x300 circle

Ginny Rawlings


Trish Wildebrand

Joan Johnson 300x300 circle

Joan Johnson

Lee Artman 300x300 circle

Lee Artman

Kathie Forbes 300x300 circle

Kathie Forbes