An Update from the Senior Warden June 26, 2020

Parish Post – Special Edition

As we continue to adjust to the ever changing CoVid19 guidelines, your Vestry and I continue to conduct church business to ensure that our church operations continue.

First, our CoVid19 Task Force (Marian, Bettye Craft, Lindsay Shuster, Judy Bungay, Ken Hamrick, Fred McIlroy, Judy Turcotte, Pat Le Roy and I) is meeting weekly to stay informed and develop guidelines as we define our church re-entry procedures. We are looking at topics that include deep cleaning, sign-in, temperature check, distanced seating, mask check, traffic flow, restroom use, and more. We hope to be adequately prepared and ready to greet each other once we can meet in person within the building.

Next, I would like to express appreciation to those who are maintaining our building and grounds throughout this period. Thank you to Mike Qunell and Duane Grimes who are completing limited necessary repairs inside the church. Thanks also to Donna Pelkey and Mary Lou Sommer who are tending our grounds. Not only is ongoing maintenance essential, it is our hope that when we do return to our building, it will look and feel welcoming! Thank you also to Pat LeRoy and Debbie Langlow who are working from home to ensure that our business operations continue, our online communications are prepared and posted, and the bills get paid.

Finally, as Marian makes her plans to depart (date to be determined), your Vestry is in discussion with the Diocese and has voted to seek an interim priest. That person will serve us as we prepare our Profile, Search, and Call for a Rector. The Rev. Canon Alissa Newton (Canon for Congregational Development and Leadership Formation) and the Rev. Arienne Davison (Canon to the Ordinary) are providing guidance and support as we move through this process. Because of CoVid19, searches and calls have been put on pause throughout the Diocese. Therefore, no dates or timelines have been established for our Rector call. We will continue to do our preparatory work to be ready once activity resumes.

Please reach out to a member of the Vestry or me if you have questions. Stay well, wear your masks, and know that we continue to love and care for each of you.

Sincerely, Linda Collins, Sr. Warden and St. Mary’s Vestry 2020