Altar Flower Requests

Altar Flower Requests

St. Mary’s will accept your request for Altar flowers to celebrate a special occasion, in thanksgiving, or to remember a loved one.

Floral arrangements will be designed by Cranes and the cost will remain at $35.00 per dedication.

Please complete this request form. Upon submission, you will automatically be taken to the donation site where you can pay for the request (noting “Flower Donation”).

We no longer use a postcard billing system. Contact the office with questions at or by calling 253-588-6621.


mm/dd/yyyy (If the date is unavailable, the next closest Sunday to the requested date will be assigned.) (If left blank, the next available Sunday will be assigned.)

Click on the green “Give to St. Mary’s” button to submit your $35 payment and information (noting “flower donation”) and enter your flower request information below.