stewardship2-281x300Giving to the Church

Giving to the church is an excellent way to recognize and appreciate all the gifts we have been given in this life. In fact, giving up what we cherish (money, possessions, time, etc.) is what the Christian concept of stewardship is all about. By going against our nature to hold on to what we cherish, we embrace the radical generosity of God and the abundance of God’s creation. Letting go through giving allows us to be transformed and to become agents of transformation.

Pledging to the Church

Making a financial pledge to the church takes the idea of giving the next step by turning a spontaneous act into a commitment and a pattern of living. By making a commitment to support the ministry of the Church you not only more deeply embrace the pattern of God’s generosity and abundance, but you also help to create an environment where St. Mary’s is capable of engaging in life transforming ministry.