Learning for Teens

Learning for Teens

Christian education is central to the spiritual life of every person. In it, we become mindful of the nurturing love of God. It shapes not only our identity and morals but also influences our vision of the world and our place in it. It challenges our beliefs and prejudices. As we grow, we see God in new and complex ways, and in so doing our spiritual life deepens.

Rite 13 (Grades 7-8)

Rite-13 is our young adult formation process designed for youth in 7th through 9th grades. Rite 13 meets Sunday at 10:00 am.  Realizing that growing up isn’t always easy, we use our time together exploring what it means to be a Christian teenager.     Rite-13 also takes occasional field trips and plans outside activities.

Want to know more about Rite-13? To contact one of the adult leaders, click here for Holly Bocchi, or here for Dave Johnson.

Youth Group (Grades 9-12)

Youth Group meets monthly after the 10 am service.  We play games, have some yummy food and have a short lesson.  We have gone out into our community and helped with the food bank, attended the World’s Largest Christian Concert and other fun activities.   Our Youth Group went on a mission trip to the Yakama Indian Reservation last summer and served the local community through the Campbell Farm.  This summer our youth are traveling to Oklahoma City to attend the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) with a few thousand other Episcopal youth!

Want to know more about youth group? E-mail Beth Bowen, our Christian Ed Director by clicking here.