End of SSJE

Hello! I flew back to Washington from Memphis, Tennessee on Thursday, and while I do miss the South, I am very happy to be home! The weather is much cooler here and I am thankful to be sleeping in my own bed. I enjoyed my trip immensely and learned a lot about the civil rights movement while in Jackson, Memphis, and Little Rock. I also made lifelong friends (who I have been texting everyday). Before we left, our leaders tried to impress upon us the idea of this trip being a pilgrimage, as opposed to a trip solely about social justice. This being said, the journey that we took was very enlightening and I learned many things about myself while I was away. My trip to the South was everything that I could’ve hoped for, so thank you very much for making it possible. While on the trip, it was very comforting to know that our whole parish was very supportive of what I was doing. I am looking forward to seeing you at church to answer any questions that you may have about my trip. I plan to have my official “follow up” after church on Sunday, August 7th. If you think that you may not be there that day or or would rather send me an email to ask about SSJE, please feel free to do so (my email address is mariagonzalez20@comcast.net ). This trip was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you. -Maria Gonzalez ​ IMG_0641.JPG ​​ IMG_0636.JPG