Day Six

Good Morning! We started the sixth day of our trip by attending the 10:45 service at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Little Rock. Everyone there was very friendly and I enjoyed talking with them at coffee hour. Afterwards, we drove to the River Market in Little Rock to go on a scavenger hunt made by one of our leaders, Ben Linder. He gave us a list and the youth were split up into groups (the adults stayed in stores/restaurants the whole time). We then had to run up and down the River Market taking videos/pictures of what was described on the list, texting them to him as we went. Currently, Ben is totaling up all the points so that we can find out the winner. During this time, we also experienced our first southern storm. My group was at Heifer International when the storm hit (about 1 mile from the River Market). The sky turned a really dark grey and then it started pouring on us; There was lots of thunder and lightning. As soon as the storm started my group ran to the River Market and took shelter in a bike shop with another group. We waited about one hour for the storm to clear up and for our leaders to come pick us up in the vans. We were all reviving flood alerts on our phones and were very cold and wet, but the storm is something that I will always remember. When our leaders drove by in the vans we hopped in and drove back to the church (we were supposed to go swimming that day, but decided not to because we had basically gone swimming in the rain). I took a warm shower as soon as we got to the church, and then we just stayed inside and hung out with each other. We had hamburgers for dinner, and afterwards we went outside for a little bit. Right now, we are driving to Jackson, Mississippi. I am very excited, and can’t wait to write more to you from Jackson. -Maria Gonzalez

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