Day Seven

Hello! Today we we drove to Jackson, Mississippi from Little Rock, Arkansas, about a 4 1/2 hour ride in which I caught up on some much needed sleep. We stayed at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral in Jackson. Upon arriving there we were greeted by five members of the parish who explained the cathedral’s historical significance during the Civil Rights Movement; The cathedral had been the only church in Jackson to allow African Americans to attend their service during a period in which churches were supposed to cancel services or be armed in order to prevent African Americans from entering. The African Americans were also able to enter St. Andrew’s without incident, a fact that the parishioners are very proud of. After we met them and settled in at the church, we drove to the Smith Robertson Museum in Jackson. The Smith Robertson Museum is named after the Smith Robertson School, the first school for African Americans in Jackson. The original Smith Robertson School was built of wood, but on the night before the first day of school it was burnt down. However, people quickly rebuilt it with brick and students started to attend the school. The museum is built at the same location today, and even contains some of the brick walls from when it was a school with over 800 students. This museum focuses on the history of African Americans from the time of the Triangular Trade up until the Civil Rights Movement. I learned a lot of new things there and really enjoyed meeting our tour guide Pam, as she probably has the most passion for her job out of anyone I have ever met. Once we had toured all the exhibits at the museum we went to a Greek restaurant for dinner, where I ordered a Gyro. Tomorrow, we will spend part of the day in Jackson, and then drive back to Memphis, Tennessee. Goodnight! -Maria Gonzalez

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