Day One

Hello! I am currently writing to you from Memphis, Tennessee, where 17 other youth and I are waiting for the van that will take us to Emmanuel Episcopal Church (where we will be staying the night). This morning, I woke up at 6am and traveled to Sea Tac, where we all met up and checked our bags. Our first flight was to Huston, Texas. When we arrived there we had a two hour layover in which my friends and I were able to grab some dinner and play card games. Afterwards, we took another flight to Memphis, Tennessee (where I am currently). The sunset was very beautiful, and everyone took lots of pictures whilst on the plane. As soon as our ride comes we will head to the church and attend compline. Today was our first big travel day, and I have yet to experience the heat and humidity that everyone has warned me about! I am really looking forward to being able to write more about the trip as we visit different places. Goodnight! -Maria Gonzalez