Day Four

Good Evening! Today we visited more historic places in Little Rock, Arkansas while simultaneously braving the hot and humid weather. Our group woke up and had bagels, fruit, and yogurt for breakfast. Afterwards, we met with Derrick Rainey and Staff Members at City Year, an AmeriCorps program. Young adults who are a part of City Year work with children who are struggling in school, helping them to reach their fullest potential in the academic world. The staff we spoke with today specifically worked with children in elementary and middle schools throughout Little Rock, Arkansas. I found their job really inspiring because they are actively changing the community for the better by giving kids the tools the need to succeed in life. When we finished our discussion at the CALS main library, we toured the Clinton Presidential Library. I really enjoyed seeing the temporary exhibitions on the Summer and Winter Olympics, as well as the gown that Hillary Clinton wore to her daughters wedding. After we ate lunch, we had the opportunity to speak with La Vern, an African American woman who desegregated Forest Heights Middle School in Little Rock. I was amazed by the amount of bravery that she possessed, but I was even more impressed by her willingness to share her story with us, for it gave more insight into how the process of integration went in the South (specifically Arkansas). We then took a quick break for ice cream, and continued on to Heifer International. At Heifer, we looked at an exhibit that explained what they do and also took a walking tour of the building. We learned about how Heifer utilizes the resources in Little Rock, Arkansas to maintain an Eco Friendly building, supporting their mission to create sustainable communities. After our tour at Heifer, we rode back to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Little Rock (where we have been staying at night). Currently, a few of the other youth on the trip are making dinner. Overall, I think everyone had a great day today, and we are looking forward to tomorrow. Goodnight! -Maria Gonzalez

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