Day Five

Good Evening! We had a pretty relaxed day today, with our activities consisting of visiting Camp Mitchell in Morrilton, Arkansas and going on a hike in Petit Jean State Park. In the morning, we drove over to the camp, which is a ministry of the Episcopal Church in Arkansas. There we were able to take a tour of the gardens and pick lettuce, basil, onions, okra, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeƱos, as well as feed the chickens. In addition, we had a discussion about how food is another issue of justice in our world. After our tour and discussion, our group ate lunch at the camp and we were able to put the veggies we picked in our sandwiches (which was a nice break from all the BBQ!). We were then given the option of swimming in the pool at the camp or going on a hike at Petit Jean State Park; 7 other youth and I decided to go on the hike (with two leaders) while the others stayed and swam at the pool. We hiked to Cedar Falls, where two of the other youth and I stood underneath the waterfall and cooled down from the heat. The waterfall was beautiful, and I really enjoyed getting to spend some time outside with my friends (even if it was in the high nineties!). Our small group left the falls and joined up with the others at Camp Mitchell to say “thank you” to our tour guides, and then drove to Sonic, where we all got milkshakes. We relaxed at the church this afternoon and ate tacos for dinner. Tomorrow will be another easy-going day, and we are all looking forward to attending the Sunday service at St. Mark’s, as well as going on a scavenger hunt in Little Rock. Goodnight! -Maria Gonzalez

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